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Your map - our server
Mr Minio day Sep 05 2012 15:28:16
Postal SiteOur server is enhanced by new maps and mods. Therefore, to make it easier to join the server, without all laborious downloading during the game, we released a pack, which contains all the addons, which are in use on the server:


After downloading and installing, the first part of carefully selected maps and mods will appear on your hard drive. It contains both old, well-known and new mods. In addition to well known maps there are also maps of our users, which thus have a chance to make his debut in the Postal world and win the favor of multi players.

Click the image above to download the content. In the extended version of news there's a list of all new maps, which can be found in Download.
If you have been working on some mods before and you still have them on your hard drive, start working on them again and refresh them. If you'd like to begin your journey with modding, everything you need can be found on the forums (here). Make our own map -> present it -> map goes to our server -> you're playing your own map with other players! Don't be afraid of criticism. Multiplayer maps do not have to be a pack of an enormous world, because such projects are hard to keep and complete. Instead, maps could be small and simple, but highly playable and enjoyable. Everyone who has made few maps has a chance to get a honorary Modder rank.

Do you want to improve our server with your work? Would you like to see your map in the next part of the addon megapack? Server is still developing and getting its original shape. If you'd like the PostalSite server to be recognizable and famous, add your own content. Share!
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Would you like to see Postal 2 on Steam?
Mr Minio day Aug 31 2012 11:33:30
Postal 2Would you like to see Postal 2 on Steam? It is possible!

Our favourite game may be available on the biggest game platform. Such availability would be a big boost to its strength and durability. Every attempt to extend Postal 2's life is a laudable goal, especially using Steam.

However, we need your votes to reach a goal! If you have Steam account, simply click on the image below, and then click thumb up!
Thanks to this Postal 2 will appear on Steam platform.

Postal brothers, help us!
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PostalSite Game Server
Tiquill day Aug 03 2012 22:25:47
Postal SiteThis day comes down to history as a official start of our multiplayer server! From now you can play on our own place again. Every game type, the best and the most interesting maps, mutators and favorite weapons. We will be happy to add selfmade mods, as well, so if you'd like to see your own modification on our server be sure to let us know!

--== P2 Server ==--

Everything can be selected using a vote panel available during or after the game. You can discuss about our server on our forums. Change suggestions are welcome! The server's shape and condition depends on you. Here are the details. Read them and get whatever you need. All advices can be found on forums. Have fun!
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Postalsite in English!
Mr Minio day Jul 04 2012 21:15:27
Postal Site
It has been a long time between the first idea and its realization but finally we did it! Our website is available in English language! Fans of Postal series from around the world no longer have to use translators to browse our resources because everything has been translated to the world's universal language!

With all the joy and pride we present the resources of the largest and the best Polish site about Postal series to our English-speaking guests. Articles, reviews, hints, cheats, news and a massive download – we’ve got everything a true Postal fan needs.

We also believe that Postal world will not die and next games of this series will not only enlarge the fanbase but also provide fun and satisfaction of the players. A lot of Postal 2 modifications is still in development, which is the best proof of Postal’s immortality.

After the days of blood, tears and sweat(we didn’t kill anybody, blood just fits Postal) the English version of PostalSite is finally available. If you’re interested in Postal, you’re in the right place! Feel free to move around the site. Move to the left panel to gain access to the site’s main content. On the right you can find shoutbox. Make sure to post a message.

Overall, what's the most important, make yourself at home. May Postal be with you!

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Lost Island is now in our D/L: http://en.postals.

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HEY guys listen how do i get HAND or ED or Lost Island Angry Help

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Welcome! As of today, here only in English. Wink Just finished!

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graficzki zrobione! już od prawie 2 godzin. Smile

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