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Postal 2 Life again!
Tiquill day Jan 13 2013 18:31:35
He doesn't know his name, doesn't remember his past, but he is the one that will face the alien invaders. All of this in the universe being a fusion between Half Life, Half Life 2 and Postal 2 worlds. The project has a long history, which we were able to track for a few months ago. Today it was supposed to be be only unrealized project...

However, today we are pleased to announce that Postal 2 Life comes back to life! Revival Games studio consisting of a strong group of Russian Postal 2 modders, announced that they will continue work on P2L. 5 GB disk space and affordable hardware requirements are the only things we need to be able to play, besides, of course, waiting until the project is released.
It's worth to wait, because what we've already seen, had raised our huge appetites. Please visit the project's site and our forum where you can get to know the details and post your opinions.
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Ranks and medals
Tiquill day Dec 31 2012 22:44:52
Postal SiteOld 2012, in which so much has happened to us, we close and give discretionary ranks for several forum members and for the significant person of the Postal fans world. As we try to honor the efforts, abilities and the time put into the the development of Postal 2 modifications and the development of our website, forum and server acknowledge:

Rank V.I.P. receive: Toploader, Mr Minio, The Iceman, Koloses, Piroziom, Radzik136, Rycho3D.

Rank Modder receive: A-Mod, rigstudio, Radzik136, MaKiPL, ZigHor, adana4, Reality Master.

Congratulations to all! And those, of which the zeal to modding has abated, we wish the return of power, time and willingness to work. New Year 2013 is waiting for the fruits of your work! 100 years with Postal, gentlemen! ;)
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Merry Christmas
Mr Minio day Dec 25 2012 11:18:06
Postal SiteThe PostalSite Administration would like to wish you Merry Christmas and explosive, but safe (for us, not our enemies) New Year.

The last year was very special for us, because in 2012 our English site and forums had its premiere. Not only in 2012 we began spreading the Postal news to English users, but also got a lot of new modification from all the Postal fans around the world. Our forum modders also have shown their skills and made several modifications. Their work didn't go unnoticed as for instance Rycho3D's modification Zombie Car Mod was presented on Korean website about Postal series.

We cannot forget about the premiere of Postal 2 Complete on Steam. Thanks to hard work of Toploader, Postal 2 finally got into Steam. A lot of good things happened in 2012, but it's not the end of the year yet. We hope that something is still going to surprise us. What do we wish ourselves to happen in a new year? New modifications and remembrance of players. We hope that they won't forget about Postal series. Well, it was kinda offtopic... we should return to the topic, so again:

Merry Christmas!

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AMN - crazy modification
Mr Minio day Dec 08 2012 10:03:33
Postal 2: STPOne month ago, a new, unknown to others user Amniocentesis presented the first version of his mod on RWS. The first version was still a beta, but until now he managed to relase the full version. It is highly recommended to watch the movie below, as it portrays the mod perfectly. Mod has been made for StP, but now it's also for AWP. In AWP version there's a lot more to discover. Watch and follow the development of this modification. Craziness, incredible imagination and modding skills met all together in this mod. The final product is really astonishing.

Interested? Go to our forum and Download, from where you can download it (click).
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P2C already on Steam!
Tiquill day Nov 04 2012 0:26:19
Postal 2After almost ten years, Friday, November 2, 2012 Postal 2 Complete was released on Steam.


What are you waiting for? Buy it!
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Our MP server expanded to 16 slots!
Tiquill day Nov 01 2012 22:11:37
Postal 2: STPToday our Postal 2 MP server was expanded. Maximum number of slots was enlarged to 16. This means that even up to 16 players can play at the same time with us, which is now a standard in the world of P2 Multi.

Lately our server has changed its profile to a specific game mode. Now it can be found as: -= Team DM Server =-. 16 slots is a continuation of the development of our server. And here's the answer to requests of multi players: Enjoy the game and don't hesitate to talk about the server, because it is you who decide of its shape!

Server address:

To forum: Link.
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Change of the owner!
Mr Minio day Oct 30 2012 20:27:06
Postal SiteOur website and forum have a new owner from now on. Iquid has owned the site for 6 years. He was the person who gave the life to the biggest site about Postal world, but things have changed. Tiquill became a new owner. I believe that his experience and true love to Postal will make the site and forum even better and bigger.

Good luck, Tiquill
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Koloses day Oct 16 2012 15:33:55
Postal 2RWS was trying to release Postal 2 for some time, but Valve's response was negative.

So, when Valve introduced greenlight (new system of accepting STEAM games by players themselves) RWS had the opportunity of adding their work there.

15 October was the day when our beloved POSTAL 2 has been accepted alongside 20 other games on greenlight.

Thanks to fans and gamers, who voted for P2 on greenlight, POSTAL 2 COMPLETE (P2 STP Multiplayer and Singleplayer + AW) will be available on Steam!
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English Forum just started!
Mr Minio day Oct 14 2012 16:19:53
Our Forum is a real treasury trove of Postal world, where you can easily find information about Postal games and modifications, both already made and these, which are in development. There's no unexplored field here! We talk about everything. The most important information goes straight to the Site, which has been released in English language for all Postal fans around the world. Now it is the time for English Forum! English Forum

It is divided into thematic sections with English menu. No translator toil, no strange Polish letters - everything from the very beginning. The best modifications, unknown tricks and curiosities. Dear English Players, all the best and most interesting for you. Register, write and ask. Forum will slowly be filled with content. We hope that you will participate in this process. Make yourself at home. We heartily welcome you!
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Postal Marriage!
Mr Minio day Sep 26 2012 20:28:28
Postal SiteThey met on our Forum. Shared the interest in Postal and - kinship of souls. Our first Postal relationship was growing along with their Forum ranks. Today, they are Mrs. Moderator and Mr. Administrator. Hats off. But who are they? Mr. and Mrs. Lothar!

Last Sunday, September 22, 2012 Linka and Lothar married in Gdańsk. The bride and groom both said 'I do' and were sealed.

Congratulations on your new life together!

All the best to them! PostalSite would like to congratulate the newlyweds and wish them great health, happiness and prosperity. A strength to deal with their daily duties and, most of all, a lot of warmth and love. All the wishes for three of them as they also have a year-and-half son.
Such a story, when virtual acquintance evolves to a real relationship, a family, happened to us, PostalSite. We proudly report it!
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SweetFix for StP
Mr Minio day Sep 20 2012 20:24:09
Postal 2If you only have got Share the Pain, you should be interested in this fix, which refreshes the game.

Almost every mod has been designed for StP. However, paradoxically, one needs to have AWP and use AWP Mod to get them easily and fast. This mod/fix deletes this restriction. From now on, one only needs to use a single cheat to get a desired weapon or weapon pack. However, Postal is not only about weapons. Other cheats, which spice up the game, also have been added.

Everything have been collected and prepared for StP by Tiquill, who has also added something new. More in news extension. Download.
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