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New face of
Tiquill day Apr 18 2014 0:11:12
PostalOur friends, a well-known Russian Postal community has changed its layout. Now designed by Revival Games Studios the site works fast and splits its content into archival and current projects.
You can find both old T-ModZ studio projects as well as new mods still under development. Besides the layout change we hope for new mods we could try. Good luck, gentlemen!
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New items in our Download
Tiquill day Mar 08 2014 13:28:56
DownloadNew items were added to our Download today. Two multiplayer modifications, TrafficMod update and patch, two 'Kropek' mappacks, two remakes of well-known mods: Lost Island and CdInventory, made by our forum users, and above all the final version of P2 Tropic by Rycho3D. Just watch the video below for a gameplay experience. Have fun!

P2 Tropic - tropical Paradise, mod by Rycho3D
Traffic Mod - new version of mod by Rycho3D, 15 different cars!
Kropek - newspaper world of harassing Kropeks! Nice and surprising production by Rycho3D
Kropek Twierdza - continuation of the extraordinary adventures of Kropeks, by Rycho3D
Lost Island Remake - working verion of remake Lost Island by Bartosz, our mapper
CdInventory Remake - tested version of remake CdInventory mod by titek, our modder
Left2GoPostal - zombies spawned to current map, mutator for all gametypes, by Gamefan74 and MrDownerup
Gun Game - new rules for multi game, mutator for current gametype, by Steven
TM3.1patch20-01-2014 - patch for TrafficMod v.3.11, added one car (daihatsu charade) by Rycho3D
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Postal 2: UDK - official trailer 2014
Tiquill day Jan 12 2014 17:42:12
So a group PSI Dev starts a new year 2014 with his project Postal 2: UDK. Just look!

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POSTAL 2 Patch 1412 Steam
Tiquill day Dec 17 2013 23:30:00
Postal 2On Friday, December 13 a new update designed for the Steam version of Postal 2 has been released. And it's not just your usual patch as it's the first such a rich update in a decade. It makes everything more coherent and playable. And these are the most important changes:

?? Patch 1412 merges Postal 2, Apocalypse Weekend and AWP. No more separate installations and hence errors it produced.
?? From now on you can dismember all the characters in standard Postal 2 game. Previously it was only available in AW and AWP.
?? A greater variety and quality of bystanders: hats, clothes, hairstyles. A richness of zombies known from ED, as well.
?? 68 Steam achievements!
?? AWP weaponry is standard now and not only a weaponry imported from ED as it used to be.
?? Correct widescreen mode display.
?? Better performance.
?? More save game slots.
?? ATTENTION: Annoying game crashes known from AWP almost completely eliminated!

It's all available on Steam and is constantly being developed - link. The patch will be available for non-Steam players pretty soon - after the new year - link. 'I already have all of that', you shall say. Yep, but everything you have you just got in much better and more coherent version. And some completely new stuff as well. Including a launcher... A decade put into one! Highly recommended!
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Moving pages and forum
Tiquill day Nov 06 2013 1:43:49
Postal SiteWe moved! For the new web hosting service that will allow us to be more efficient website and larger download. For a month we talked about, was temporary closed and finally October 31 page and the forum have been closed for a few day. Adapting the script of the site and especially our forum for new hosting reality it took us more time than we thought.

Slowly we walked back. November 2 returned our Polish version of site, two days later - our forum. Today we were able to repair the English version! Moving and adaptation is only the beginning of our changes. Our website will soon appear in entirely different to the current version. It takes a hot time of change. For the better!

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Uwe Boll is halfway through!
Mr Minio day Sep 27 2013 23:20:50
Postal MovieOne month ago on Kickstarter Uwe Boll announced he is going to make Postal 2 into a movie. He said it will be „a controversial comedy dealing with the actual political problems”, which will crush the film industry and the world we live in. We will also get to know whether Obama will die and why is he similar to Bush. Will such promises increase director's creative potential and awake fans' faith in successful outcome?

He asked fans to help him out. He needs
500,000 dollars
We all know that financial reductions pinion everyone who wants to make something exceptional. Until now he got 38,593 dollars. One of Kickstarster rules is nobody risks anything as money will be send only after the declared amount is collected. Is it worth to support Uwe Boll in his project?

Despite critique, the movie was well-received by fans and most of them still rewatch it frequently. The first installment gets along! Will Uwe Boll succeed making the second one? As yet he advertises. Will you help him? It's up to you. It's your money after all. LINK
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New face of Revival Games
Tiquill day Jul 17 2013 23:02:33
Postal 2Russian developers studio Revival Games, which modified the Postal 2,a few days ago has gained a whole new face, and - a new life. Completely new and great-looking website - is a start.

And what else? Do you remember PTL, Postal Two Life? This huge potential already has quite a long history. Restores on the page as far only one project. Authors promise a lot, but for now be enough us a little - link. A crucial change is the fact that of project disappears Postal. Yes, it's just Two Life, embedded in universe of the game Half Life 2. Is it please fans of Postal? Well, it remains to be seen. It is worth wish good luck and cheer for them. Second life has a potential!

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Postal 2: UDK First Teaser
Tiquill day May 28 2013 18:54:18
Postal 2PSIDev Group has just released the first teaser from their remake Postal 2: UDK. The film presents the current status of the project and is the first full presentation of it. Now you can check what has already been done out of the promised things. Enjoy watching and commenting!

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Postal 2: UDK - Polish Project
Mr Minio day May 16 2013 14:11:46
Postal 2Postal 2: UDK, that is the renovated version of Postal 2, made with the use of free modern engine, is an idea born in the minds of our users. They got the idea at the beginning of this year (here). Three independent modding studios from - BrokenCat Studio, RigStudio and P666-Corp - joined their forces in PSIDev.
Decided to take up the challenge they had to overcome many difficulties in project's development.

Thanks to their conscientiousness they've got a permission from the game makers, Running With Scissors, to create this P2 remake. They're constantly in contact. Besides the ever-growing amount of followers, the project have gotten new associates and is being advertised on every significant website related to gaming.

This remake, which works on UE 3.0 engine, is not only an accurate restoration of the game's looks and atmosphere. It also enriches it introducing new possibilities the engine gives. Weather system (sun, rain, cloudiness and high winds), day&night circle (the time of a day will change according to the progress of a player), smooth level transitions without loading screens, NPC behaving in an appropriate way according to the time of a day. These are the first improvements of the game promised by the developers. Moreover, they promised to improve the weapons and characters' looks.

Today an official website of the project was born to life:
Visit it to learn more about details.
There's also project's fanpage: on Facebook
Everybody can gauge the progress and talk with authors. You can also do it on our forums. The group is still looking for new employees.
Read about it: here.

Because there's a lot to do. We eagerly welcome everybody!

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Our multiplayer server shut down operations
Tiquill day May 07 2013 20:06:44
Postal SiteOur multiplayer server for Postal 2: Share the Pain game as of today ends its operations. Instability and incredibly bad hosting service company server made it impossible to play comfortably and forced us to take this decision. Moreover, we failed to create a cohesive multi gaming community centered around PSI. We are the singleplayer gamers. These two reasons, overlapping, forced only one decision:

The server --== P2 Server ==-- officially goes into the past. To all players and people involved in its activities: We thank you very much.

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Postal 4 - premiere soon?
Mr Minio day Apr 01 2013 15:24:47
It's unbelievable, how fast is Postal trademark developing. RWS has taken it over once again (Postal III wasn't made by RWS, as you could think) and officialy announced they're working on Postal 4!

Unfortunately, RWS says the game is produced for new generation consoles only. Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 owners can already rub their hands. Vince Desi, RWS founder, asked, why he decided to take back the copyrights from Russian Akella, answered:

"We've signed the contract for one release. Postal trademark still belogns to us and it's never changed. For a long time our studio had serious financial problems and we almost came a cropper. We decided to hand on the license to external studio. The time has shown it wasn't a good idea at all!"

What can we except from new Postal? Vince answered shortly:

"In Postal 4 we'd like to return to the roots."

So we're waiting and keep our fingers crossed! We hope that the newest Postal will not disappoint us.

We all knew it was a joke, didn't we? Well, some people got caught. April's Fool Day's ended so we can announce it was a hoax. Image used for a false cover: here.
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