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P2: Paradise Lost released!
Mr Minio day Apr 18 2015 0:24:40
Paradise LostParadise had to be destroyed, so you could return to it. Twelve years had passed. The Postal Dude returns to Paradise. Today! From now on you can buy Paradise Lost and see whether or not it meets your expectations and ideas. Why Champ, why four zones, what about the weapons? And finally, how does it all work. Is it fun?

Prize: 6,79€ (-15%)
Go to Steam store.

Apocalypse Weekend was the first official Postal 2 addon released a year after P2. We also had a film, free multiplayer version, unsuccessful Postal III and the Steam-powered revival of P2. We had to wait for more than a decade for the second addon and here it is! Not every game still lives 12 years after its release. Postal 2 does. The second addon. There's magic in these words, because there's only a handful of games that wouldn't die after 12 years. Postal 2 is one of them.

Still undecided? Watch a movie and the most interesting pictures: link.

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Paradise Lost coming out this Friday!
Tiquill day Apr 15 2015 18:02:14
Paradise LostThe long-awaited and eagerly discussed addon has finally been made available for purchase. At last you can play! Naturally, you'd like to know what's waiting for you? Paradise will be divided into four areas: sun-burnt desert, nuclear winter zone, ashen sky zone and rain zone. Every one of them will probably be controlled by a different fraction. The biggest mystery is what parts of Paradise will be in every zone. The plot itself will revolve around Champ. That's right, you will have to find your doggy friend again. It's probably gonna trigger a lot of interesting incidents.

What about new weapons? So far, the only completely new weapon is an electric grass trimmer. You will also have a chance to use a revolver and a new shotgun. Dual-wielding will be possible, too. Just see yourself:

How to get it? Use Steam. DLC costs 8€ and will be downloadable since April 17th! It requires the original version of the game. You can buy it on Steam for only 0,99€ now. The price isn't that painful, is it? It's gonna happen! A new addon after all these years! Is it worth it? Click Read more for sweet pictures!

The RWS distribution machine is running at full speed! More and more news are published every day. (They even enabled the pre-release distribution. It was quickly canceled, though). Don't miss the video below and our new Gallery. Our conversation full of anxiety, hope and controversy to be found in this forum topic. Don't miss out!
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Happy Night new version
Tiquill day Apr 02 2015 23:40:00
Happy NightYou can download a new version of Happy Night: v1.1. The most important change is the lack of the files of the original game. It no longer works as a standalone game, but only as your usual Postal 2 modification. It needs P2: STP to work and therefore you have to install it to this folder.

Other changes? You can check them out yourself by downloading the modification from our Download section: Link. Have fun!
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Postal 2 Happy Night Release
A-Mod day Mar 11 2015 23:38:40
Happy NightPostal 2 Happy Night.

Addon or mod, based on 1409 version of Postal 2 "Free Multiplayer Edition".
Just download torrent file from web-site and install the game.
One night with Christmas atmosphere in Paradise City. New storyline with errands like standart postal 2 (sandbox + errands).

Have fun!

Download: http://www.set-games.ru/index/happynight/0-27
(Read info about problem with x64 and use mirror torrent)
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M4A1 Transformer
Tiquill day Feb 02 2015 23:29:23
Postal 2: STPRycho3D and seebeek17 from a brand new modding group Game Expansion Team present their debut modification M4A1 Transformer. We all know the weapon, but now it's possible to enhance it by adding new parts. You can attach: a stock, flashlight, silencer, viewfinder, grenade launcher and laser. You can also load the gun with piercing ammunition that pierces everything on its way!

Presentation and download.

A well-known and approved modder Rycho3D has found a worthy, diligent and talented coder, who became his companion. Previously associated with coding help, seebeek17 debuted with Paintball Mod and also released MK23 Pistol Weapon. At the same time, the partnership with Rycho3D had been established. They both have a lot of ideas and quickly convert them into final product. It takes a lot of hard work, but they are doing great so far and they are just starting... because they're already working on other projects. Should be interesting!
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We're getting stronger - we're organizing
Loc day Jan 13 2015 4:38:47
Postal SiteOn December 29th, our forum welcomed an official foundation of a new group, Rapid Reaction Group (Grupa Szybkiego Reagowania - GSR). What are the tasks of this group? We can expect more frequent news here, and wider presence in social services.

Our old channel on YouTube, along with the profile on Google+, will be also activated soon (if it weren't activated yet). Those things happened thanks to the co-creators of our page, which we have informed of some time ago. Fresh blood gives us a new look and a new enthusiasm to work. We only hope that the coming year will yield new events from the world of Postal, so we can write about something!
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Postal 3 Unreal - the "demake"
Loc day Dec 24 2014 13:46:17
Postal 2Postal 2 is almost 11 years old.
It still has that little something, that holds its' veterans and also attracts new players.
Modders aren't different. They still create new things which bring new life into Postal 2.

As you may know, the Anthology Production teamed with Adams777 and they're working on a new ambitious project - Postal 3 Unreal.
It's a modifiction for Postal 2: Complete Edition (the one that is available on Steam), which will convert Postal 3 to Postal 2's engine. The modders announced, among other things, converted beta maps from Postal 3 and implementing the story from the third installment - so far, only the "bad" storyline is confirmed to be in development, but the developers promise that they will also add other storylines. They also announced that they will implement a free-roam mode.

There will be also new equimpent, and the mod will be in English. The whole project is being developed since 2 years and it looks very promising. So far, it seems like it will be one of the better - if not one of the best - modifications for Postal.

The mod is being developed for Postal 2: Complete Edition. It's hard to say if it's going to be made for other versions of Postal 2. The planned relese date is somewhere in 2015.

The credit for this news goes to seebeek17, Loc simply translated it.
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Like us on Facebook!
Loc day Nov 27 2014 3:52:42
Postal SiteWe are on Facebook since 11th September, 2010! Despite this, not all of our fans and users know about this. Time to change that! Do you have a friend, who likes the Postal franchise? Encourage him to like our fanpage.
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POSTAL: REDUX - remake of Postal announced
The Iceman day Nov 15 2014 22:53:52

Running With Scissors at its Facebook fan page announced a game under the title Postal: Redux. It's supposed to be a remake of Postal from 1997. Among the new changes you should expect a support for new game controllers, co-op mode, all with new gameplay mechanics, whatever that means at this moment. It may be associated with the new game engine (Unreal Engine 4) that gives new possibilities. Postal: Redux is planned to be released on 2015.

But that's not the end of good news. RWS is planning to make a port of original Postal to Android system. "It should be available in the coming months" - the statement says.
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Postal 2: UDK - Teaser (Official)
Tiquill day Sep 22 2014 15:27:30
Here's the official trailer of Postal 2: UDK project made by their colleagues from Running Gamers, people of our Postal Series. On September 15, both groups agreed to mutually support their projects. As seen in the video, it's still work in progress, but hopefully the outcome satisfies every follower waiting for it. What's the release date? 2015. Enjoy!

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July's promotions
Mr Minio day Jul 21 2014 23:01:04
Postal SiteToday, July 21 2014, nine PostalSite members received 11 nomination on our forums. There's a new Moderator, two new Modders, five new Filmmakers and two new Testers! We strengthen our crew!

Who are Filmmakers? It's a new group made to promote our mods by creating videos about and presenting them on social services. The first results of their work very soon! Congratulations to them - and us - of course! :)
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