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AWP (A Week in Paradise)
The best and greatest mod for Postal 2, which changes the game. It's a continuation of AW7 mod. Kamek, mod's author, has added his own and the others' previous modifications of P2 so you can pass the game and have the fun again. The mod mixes Postal 2 with AW into one unit and significantly removes the linearity known in AW.
All the maps of P2 and AW have been remade for new features and weapons. In addition, there are 5 new maps and a new mission (in AW7 there were 2 new missions). The most attractive advantage of this mod: There are 23 new weapons, from the previous mods of Kamek and M@DJackal and several weapons from ED.

Besides P2 and AW guns, you can also use: SMEG, sawn-off shotgun, silenced pistol, Colt, Ingram silenced, silenced sniper, grenade launcher, mini-nuke launcher, madbombs, grenade jihad, katana, shurikens, baseball bat , Axe, Zyklon B, chainsaw (!), Flamethrower and fists.

In addition, the effects of your games are now more spectacular. The bystanders bleed and explode more, you can cut them into small and detailed pieces and the weapons are more powerful. Postal 2 have become more bloody and brutal - it's irrational gruesome gore...

The archive contains an installation file AWPSetup.exe that effortlessly extracts the mod in the right place and creates the necessary shortcuts on the desktop.
: 5285
Autor: Kamek, 2008

(177,6 MB)
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PostalKIll19 on 02/10/2012 16:15


PostalKIll19 on 02/10/2012 16:15

nooo mac ??[img][/img]



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