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No more trouble with ED weapons used in AWP which are known for everyone who wanted to add them all. It's essential treasure for any fan of P2, stable and almost reliable! Here is some basic information (more in the readme):

1. The mod gives you all the weapons from ED, which has not been available in the AWP. This frees you from a variety of treatments to get all the weapons from ED to AWP without installation of ED or any change in the ini. file.
2. You can add all the edweapons (the same as in AW7withEDweapons) by a single cheat.
3. It gives M16 (using animation and textures from StevensMod of CdInventory) and AK47 (model and texture straight from Counter-Strike: Source).
4. Weapons are under Postal 2's keys, according to our habits. 4 – Machine Guns etc.
5. MP5 shoots in automatic mode by default, OriginalShotgun reloads faster, the Axe has RPM, the crossbow setting bug is fixed, more powerful flame, new flares of fire in MadUSAS and many other changes.
6. The camera is set higher in the third person view and the Dude finally doesn’t cover our aim by its back.
7. HUD displays the number of bullets. Weapon icons fixed.
8. TheQuick for all weapons.
9. The cheats run other installed mods! And this is the list of new cheats:

edweapons - gives all ED weapons
modsweapons - gives all weapons from other mods, if you have them installed
betty - adds an arsenal of KW2 mod, if you have it installed in the StP
tninv - gives all weapons of TnInventory mod if you have it installed, of course
cdinv - gives all weapons of CdInventory mod, provided that you have it installed
mmweapons - gives M@DBerbarianAxe, M@DHammer, DMAc, and M@DSword, that is, the weapons from MadMods, which are not in the AWP, now enhanced by the effects of the AWP
mpweapons – gives the weapons from various multi mods, if these are installed (such as Red Devil, Unholy Grenade)
eainv - gives an arsenal from EA Inventory, but here you have to mix ED and AWP files
tubeweapons - gives TubeWeapons, without the need to install the mod
sweet - this cheat will add your favorite weapons with mods installed, you can choose them by configurating your EDWeapons.ini file – there is no other mod that gives such possibility
armedndangerous - all characters in the game have the weapons from ED, so it's hotter, oh ...
bcam - new version of the behind view, switching from first to third person view and vice versa
TheWorld - toggle 1/100 time progless, a new version of the bullet
AmmoMax - each weapon has a max ammo now.
NewWeapons - adds new weapons: Musket, new AK47, new M16, RemoteBomb, StunGrenade, AWP, PropLauncher and a bow.
CleanMyWeaps - clears all the weapons you’re wielding! You can again add new weapons by other cheats
Showoff - cutting into pieces while pissing (like UrineCutter by Ig50)
PeeAll – everyone’s pissing, because they don't have other weapons
Slaughter - the slaughter of innocent, everyone’s unarmed, even the army, only the Dude has a gun...
Biohazard - all bystanders, besides the police and military, turn into zombies
Massacre – more bystanders on the map which makes the massacre the never ending slaughter!
Airmail - adds power-ups from AirMail MP mode. Package includes files in the same mod version of AM3-142b. Configurable in INI.
ChangeHeadSize - changes the size of the Dude's head! (eg ChangeHeadSize 4)
omgwtfbbq - as in Eternal Damnation, all bystanders have big heads. Change the size by typing something like this: omgwtfbbq 3
DudeChanger - changes the look of a Dude's clothes, his head, silhouette, sex. Configure everything in EDWeapons.ini
AllowBolton - Changing of Dude continues! You can add the hat, soldier's backpack or purse in hand...
ReloadWeapon - reloads weapons, those which have this opportunity
FeelLuckyPunk - cheat restored from STP, allows you to change your current weapon ammo for any number (eg 100 FeelLuckyPunk gives one hundred rounds)
SwimWithFishes - known from STP, gives you the radar with a lot of additives

Mod for AWP. Install it by double-clicking on the icon. For more info go to our forum. Version: 04-10-2008

NOTE: This mod is being developed under a new name AWPMod, richer and even better, so better to get this new one: LINK
: 3446
Autor: kank, 2008

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